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santayana Aims of this Site
A George Santayana Home Page was introduced in 1996 to honor the work of philosopher and critic, George Santayana. The editor of this site wished in particular to demonstrate the clarity and consistency of definition and doctrine found in Santayana's philosophical writings. As the quotations gathered here tend to show, this level of consistency is remarkable, especially in light of the facts that Santayana published technical philosophical essays and books over a period of almost sixty years, and that his point of vantage varied over time between a frank humanism, a foundational naturalism, and an all-enveloping ontological vision. In the year of his death, Santayana remarked that " . . . I have . . . been surprised to find 'The Life of Reason' so much like my later views . " Letters 8:421 (To John Hall Wheelock, February 23, 1952).

A George Santayana Home Page offers quotations falling under five broad categories: (1) definitions; (2) nature of philosophy; (3) mind / body; (4) moral philosophy; and (5) criticism. These categories are explored in twenty-four web pages. Most of these pages organize quotations by date of first publication and thus attempt to show consistency of theme between earlier and later writings. Seven pages, though, are organized by subject: Terminology, Isms, Reason and Spirit, False Steps in Philosophy, British Philosophy, Law & Government, and Americanism. A twenty-fifth page presents miscellaneous quotations by subject.

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